An important announcement from ICCFA In Response to the 60 Minutes Segment

What Can Each Of Us Do?

Provided is a list of ideas, which may help you to get to know your Legislator or Candidate, and assist with our grassroots efforts of educating the Legislators. You may want to set a goal of participating in at least three of the legislative activities listed below. Regardless of the time of year or where we are in an election cycle, legislators are assumed to be running for election. Term limits has increased the necessity for Senators and Representatives to be actively campaigning all through an election cycle.

Your efforts and communication with your Legislator during a campaign season are critical to the success of the Michigan Cemetery Association. We appreciate your commitment.

  • Begin by contacting the chair of incumbent/candidates committee. Offer to help in any way you can.
  • Request your name and address be placed on your legislators mailing list so you receive announcements of fund-raisers and community affairs.
  • Schedule a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting with your legislator to talk about cemetery issues.
  • Call colleagues and invite them to attend meetings with your legislator.
  • Attend legislators fund-raiser events.
  • Write a letter to legislator and thank him/her for meeting with you.
  • Keep your legislator informed by providing literature regarding the death care industry.
  • Register or volunteer to help at your legislator’s variable summer fund-raiser events: golf outings, baseball games, etc.
  • Invite legislator/candidates to a tour of your cemetery.
  • Attend campaign meeting.
  • Attend campaign work session stuffing envelopes or telephoning constituents.
  • Volunteer to canvas neighborhood or deliver and set up yard signs.
  • Volunteer to pay the postage to mail candidates postcards to family, friends and neighbors, seeking their support at the election.
  • Attend strategy sessions for candidates’ campaigns.
  • Send congratulatory letter to successful candidates.
  • Attend victory parties.